Manuka Oil

Manuka oil is made from the Manuka Bush that is native to New Zealand, specifically the east cape. The Maori, who are indigenous to New Zealand, have been using the Manuka plant for it’s natural healing properties. Today, it is confirmed that Manuka oil is 30 times for effective that tea tree oil as an antbacterial agent.

The uses of Manuka Oil

Manuka oil is used to fight against bacteria, and has found to be particularly effective against bacterial and fungal infections and skin irritation that is caused by bacteria. For example Manuka Oil is effective against acne (bacteria) and Athlets’s foot (fungus). Here is a list of the various medicinal uses of Manuka Oil.

Athlete’s Foot
Toenail Infections
Mouth Sores
Insect Bites and Stings

East Cape Manuka Oil

The Manuka Oil from the Te Araroa regionin the East Cape of New Zealand has been shown to have the highest anti-bacterial properties out of all the Manuka Oil produced in NZ. It has been discovered through scientific testing that Manuka Oil from the East Cape is high in “cyclic triketones”, specifically:


Manuka Oil for Aromatherapy

The use of Manuka Oil in Aromoatherapy has grown in popularity, mainly due to Ruth von Braunschweig, an Aromatherapist from Germany. She claims that the aroma from burning the oil is good for people suffering from stress and anxiety. She says the the aroma of Manuka Oil with give the user a feeling of well being.

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